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We custom cut and carve amazing guitar straps and bracelets to any specification and design.


Welcome to LeatherGirl.Ca where we specialize in hand carving, painting and selling of leather products.

Our quality and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

To contact us:

Phone: (604) 200-6096


E-mail: ramona@leathergirl.ca

LeatherGirl hand carved guitar strap worn by Staven.  RocknRoll Allstars - SwedenLeatherGirl hand carved guitar strap worn by Staven on stage with Max.  RocknRoll Allstars - SwedenLeatherGirl original bracelet worn by Kirk October from Crue FestLeatherGirl hand cut and carved music note studded bracelet.  Black and Blue.  Gift for Kirk October from Crue Fest.

“LeatherGirl made me a wristband and collar and I can't praise them enough. Coming from a leather background myself, I was amazed at the quality, work and detail put into the pieces! I got my gear, get yours! “ 


Kirk October—Uncle Sid, Vancouver, Canada

“Ett fantastiskt axelband!. Sitter jävligt bekvämt och håller bra form.
Kvaliteten inget att gnälla på med tanke på hur man härjar och svettas på scen.
Designen är jävligt grym ( Jag har ju haft ett litet finger med i spelet moha ha ha ), sen har jag ju inte bara ett utan två”

Rock on!!! / Staven—RocknRoll Allstars Stockholm, Sweden


“Fantastic Straps! They sit comfortable and keep good shape. Quality is nothing to whine at given the amount of raging and sweating on stage. The design is

f(beep)ing awesome (I’ve had a small hand in it moha ha ha). I’m damn fortunate to own two!”


Rock on!!! / Staven—RocknRoll Allstars Stockholm, Sweden